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The COVID-19 pandemic that tormented our planet hit our homeland too. This virus caused not only health but also an economic and social crisis. The tourism sector was one of the first to experience the pandemic blow and suffered huge losses. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved yet and in many countries of the world

AAPTG Forum 2019/ Gyumri

On December 13-15, 2019, the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides organized another forum at the end of the year. This time the association chose Gyumri as the second largest city of Armenia to hold the forum. Tourism workers specially guides are well aware of the importance of Gyumri for tourism development in Armenia and

Discussion on Tourism Development in Municipality of Yerevan

On the 3rd of December, 2019, the representatives of the Armenian Association  of Professional Tourist Guides were invited to Yerevan Municipality to discuss the perspectives and issues of tourism development in the city. The meeting was attended by Gevorg Orbelyan, the head of Tourism Department of Yerevan Municipality, Department Staff,  members of Council of the

The official opening ceremony of AAPTG's new office

On the 2nd of December,2019, the official opening ceremony of the new office of the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides took place at  Agatangeghos street, Yerevan. With the increase in the number of members of the Association the issue of having a larger working space was also increasing day by day. From now on

AAPTG trainings in Artsakh

On July 25-27 AAPTG specialists Yasha Solomonyan and Aramayis Mnatsakanyan visited Artsakh upon invitation of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Artsakh Republic. During the three-day course our specialists trained a group of volunteers who will present historical-cultural sights of Artsakh to the guests and delegates in the frames of

Tree-planting trip in ATP

On April 25, 2012, the Armenian Association of Professional Guides, together with Armenian Tree Project (ATP), conducted a tree-planting tour. The event was attended not only by the members of the Association but also the other employees of the tourism industry. Armenia Tree Project has planted over 5,700,000 trees since its inception in 1994. ATP

The graduation ceremony of AAPTG ‘s guide training courses

The graduation ceremony of AAPTG ‘s guide training courses took place in the Holiday Inn Express Yerevan Hotel on April 6th. The results of our courses were summed up during the graduation ceremony. Ruben Hovsepyan who is a member of AAPTG’s executive board and is also in charge of the academic and organisational matters of

Synopsis on Winemaking Trainings

Recently AAPTG’s students as well as the guides have taken part in a three-day training on the proposal of Armenia Wine factory. During the training the participants learnt the history of winemaking in Armenia, got acquainted with all the ins and outs of winemaking and viniculture as well as acquired some skills of organizing tours

Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides (AAPTG) signed a cooperation memorandum with Yerevan State Armenian-Greek College of tourism, service and food industry

Giving prominence to the role of secondary vocational education in the development of tourism and service sector, this year on February 1 a cooperation memorandum was signed with Yerevan State Armenian-Greek College of tourism, service and food industry. Under this memorandum, two parties expressed their desire and willingness to carry out joint educational, development and

AAPTG “Tourist Guides’ Conference-Discussion 2018” in Dilijan

The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides organized a “Tourist Guides’ Conference-Discussion” in Dilijan Resort & Spa from 14 to 16 of December 2018. The participants of the conference visited UWC Dilijan international school where they were introduced to school’s activity; they exchanged various ideas and opinions of how to use the potential of this