Clean Armenia

Touristic Cleaning Day Part 1

Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides organized the first stage of the project “Touristic Cleaning Day” on the 17th of March 2018. The neighboring territories of the monument “Arch of Charents”, as well as the gorge of river Azat, precisely the territory of “The Symphony of Stones” and Garni Temple trekking route were chosen for the first stage of this project. No doubt, we knew how dirty those areas were but we could hardly imagine the immensity of the work to be carried out there. What we found out immediately there during the working process was shocking, sad… The negligence, inadvertence, and slovenliness that lasted for decades and even more resulted in huge piles of garbage that our team of 49 people working from 9.00 to 17.00 and filling 3 trucks with garbage couldn’t achieve 100% result. We really hoped that the villagers would join us, but, unfortunately, they were playing backgammon in their gardens while we were cleaning in front of their houses. Some of them even reproached us saying not to enter their territories in the gorge. They meant the so-called rest areas one of which you will see in the video. As for the rest areas, it is worth mentioning that the greatest amount of garbage was concentrated there. We will touch upon this problem in another article. The only person from the village who worked with us from beginning till the end was Narek Rostomyan who did his best to work instead of all his villagers. Well done, Narek! And now it is high time to present you our video-report. People with weak heart are asked not to watch it! We would like to express our gratitude to EliteBus, Bus Voyage, Hakob Razmik Vardanyan, Nueva Vista DMC and Tour Operator, Event Solutions & Incentives, DMC Armenia, Hasmik Israyelyan,, Garni and Voghjaberd community Councils, as well as the management of “Garni” Historical-Cultural Museum-Reservation for their support.