A micro world – in the heart of Yerevan

“Ter – Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum has been open to public for already a month. It is here where the world’s smallest pieces of art are displayed. The idea of establishing “Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum had formed within years when Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan, the grandfather, opened up all the secrets of this unique art to his namesake grandson, Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan junior. Charles Chaplin in the needle’s eye, a carriage and a coachman on half rice grain, khachkars carved on a hair…. The museum visitors can see all these minisculptures as well as many others and they can get to know the artists’ lives and activities here in the museum. These masterpieces are exhibited at 8 Abovyan street, every day from 10:00 to 20:00, the entrance is from “Noyan-Tapan” bookstore.