AAPTG “Tourist Guides’ Conference-Discussion 2018” in Dilijan

The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides organized a “Tourist Guides’ Conference-Discussion” in Dilijan Resort & Spa from 14 to 16 of December 2018.

The participants of the conference visited UWC Dilijan international school where they were introduced to school’s activity; they exchanged various ideas and opinions of how to use the potential of this school for tourism development in Armenia in a useful and mutually beneficial way.

The discussions which lasted a whole day started with the presentation on the statistics of tourism in the Republic of Armenia and its development tendencies. Some questions and issues that seem problematic to many tourist guides were discussed during the conference, particularly the preservation of the surrounding environment and historical monuments, working conditions, as well as certification.

The discussions and decisions made will be presented in our further publications.

We would like to express our gratitude to the management and staff of Dilijan Resort & Spa for their hospitality and readiness, to Bus Voyage transporting company for the safe transportation of all the participants, to UWC Dilijan College for their warm welcome.

We would also like to thank all the participants for sharing their time, energy and knowledge with AAPTG.

The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides will continue to organize similar events.

Best regards,

AAPTG Executive Board