Synopsis on Winemaking Trainings

Recently AAPTG’s students as well as the guides have taken part in a three-day training on the proposal of Armenia Wine factory.

During the training the participants learnt the history of winemaking in Armenia, got acquainted with all the ins and outs of winemaking and viniculture as well as acquired some skills of organizing tours in the wine factory for tourists. Today the results of those trainings were summarized in Wine House and all the participants got certificates.

We express our gratitude to the leadership of Armenia Wine factory for both the useful and essential cooperation aimed at tourism development. Special thanks to Syune Barseghyan, the head of tourism department at Armenia Wine factory and the project coordinator of winemaking training. As to all our participants, we wish them a very productive year and abundant energy so that they can tell the history of our country and winemaking to all the tourists visiting Armenia.

AAPTG Executive board