Discussion on Tourism Development in Municipality of Yerevan

On the 3rd of December, 2019, the representatives of the Armenian Association  of Professional Tourist Guides were invited to Yerevan Municipality to discuss the perspectives and issues of tourism development in the city. The meeting was attended by Gevorg Orbelyan, the head of Tourism Department of Yerevan Municipality, Department Staff,  members of Council of the Elders.

Current and implemented  tourism projects of Yerevan  and upcoming  programs were presented during the meeting.

The members of AAPTG presented the current issues that impede tourism development in Yerevan. The problems connected with  the lack of parking lots, street lighting, pavement roughness which frequently causes  difficulties for tourists  were discussed.

The issue of infrastructure development and improvement was raised, as well as the lack of middle class hotels which are indispensable  for Yerevan. Special reference was made to the need of creation and development of a special subdivision of the Tourist Police in Yerevan as over the past year tourism workers were confronted more and more frequently with the security issues of the  guests arriving in the capital, particularly theft and pickpocketing. Problem-solving options were suggested for these and other questions. AAPTG president Yasha Solomonyan reaffirmed the institution’s readiness to assist the municipality in resolving all the raised issues investing the full professional potential of the organization in favor of the development of the capital.

AAPTG Administration

Yerevan, 3rd of December, 2019

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