About us

The positive advance during recent years in the sphere of tourism in the Republic of Armenia, the ceaseless development in the professional circles, the noticeable increase of interests towards the specialization of a tourist guide in RA and the important role of tourism in the development of country’s economy have brought along prospectives for improvement, new challenges, as well as, lots of objective and subjective problems.

Today we can claim with certainty that the circle of tourist guides has established itself and has occupied its specific place in the job market of our country. In this stage, still not having an established state school of guides, but already having a huge community of practical self-asserted professionals, it’s high time to consolidate our efforts, unite around one single idea, assist the creation of a professional school of tour-guides, support the interests and rights of the professional guides and involve the beginners of the sphere in the experience exchange so as to promote their professional growth according to the requirements of the market. It’s vital to use our tremendous scientific and practical potential to contribute the spirit and professional abilities to the development of tourism in Armenia, to the solution of the problems arisen before the sphere and the army of tour guides. These are the reflections which have become the ideological basis for the establishment of “The Armenian Association of Professional Tour-Guides”.

We are beginning our enthusiastic activity in the sphere of Armenian tourism creating a professional body, freelance platform which may unite all the Armenian tour guides around an essential goal within and beyond Armenian borders.