The oldest Armenian Cross-Stone (Khachkar) is in Artsakh

The oldest dated khachkars (cross-stone) goes back to 866 (Artsakh, Vaghuhas village in the cemetery of “Eghsu Ktor” chapel). Year 866/I – Sargis/ erected this khachkar/to worship/remember me in your prayers. The second oldest dated khachkar belongs to 876 in Ararat region, village Hortun (now it is in the town of Vedi). You can find

A micro world – in the heart of Yerevan

“Ter – Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum has been open to public for already a month. It is here where the world’s smallest pieces of art are displayed. The idea of establishing “Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum had formed within years when Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan, the grandfather, opened up all the secrets of this unique art to his

Museum Week: Rethinking the cultural spaces

On the 13th of November, the representatives of “Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides” participated in a roundtable discussion dedicated to the more fruitful and smoother collaboration between the museum and tourism sectors. The participants discussed obstacles and challenges, as well as constructive solutions. The discussion was held within the frames of MUSEUM WEEK: RETHINKING

«The Symphony of Stones» – a unique natural monument in Armenia!

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