2018 December

The oldest Armenian Cross-Stone (Khachkar) is in Artsakh

The oldest dated khachkars (cross-stone) goes back to 866 (Artsakh, Vaghuhas village in the cemetery of “Eghsu Ktor” chapel). Year 866/I – Sargis/ erected this khachkar/to worship/remember me in your prayers. The second oldest dated khachkar belongs to 876 in Ararat region, village Hortun (now it is in the town of Vedi). You can find

A micro world – in the heart of Yerevan

“Ter – Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum has been open to public for already a month. It is here where the world’s smallest pieces of art are displayed. The idea of establishing “Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” museum had formed within years when Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan, the grandfather, opened up all the secrets of this unique art to his