The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides together with “Tourism Development Projects” LLC conducts “Professional Tourist Guide Training” Courses.

The courses are open to anybody with higher education or relevant work experience, without age or gender restrictions.

The duration of the courses is 5 months, 4 days a week in the evenings, 2-2.5 hours a day.

The course consists of theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical subjects are taught online through a zoom platform, and practical lessons are organized on the spot: in the classroom, in an urban environment or in nature. All anti-pandemic rules are strictly followed during the practical lessons.

The trainings are conducted by our member-specialists of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as professional member-trainers of the association who were trained in abroad and qualified in Armenia.

List of Theoretical Subjects:
Armenian history
The Conflict of Artsakh
Natural Sciences / Biology
History of Armenian Apostolic Church
The History and Art of Cross-stone Making
Miniature / Manuscripts
Mural Paintings
National Costumes / Carpet Weaving
Armenian Cuisine
History of Winemaking
Armenian dances
Armenian music / Notation / Komitas
First Aid
Emergency Situations
Psychology of Tourism
Business Skills / Marketing
Active Tourism
Law on Tourism
Tourist Guide Ethics
Intercultural Communication
Speech Culture


Practical Lessons:
Communication Skills
Group Dynamics
Work Ethics
Group Management
Organizing and Conducting Excursions
Excursion Planning
Positioning and Presentation Skills
Organizing an Excursion in a Cultural Place
Organizing an Excursion in a Religious Place
Organizing an Excursion in a City
Organizing an Excursion in a Transport
Conflict Management
Relationships with Partners



The participants of the courses are given a certificate of the participation.

Participants with best graduation results are given the opportunity to join the Armenian Association of Professional Guides, to be a part of the association's programs, to exchange experience with partners with years of experience in the sphere, as well as to work in our partner organizations.


The total cost of the course is 250․000 AMD, which includes all the theoretical and practical subjects, all the excursions included in the courses, transport-food expenses of the excursions, guide services, entrance tickets and other necessary expenses of the program.

You can fill out the application form for the course by: February 25 inclusive by clicking here.

The start of the courses is the 1st of March.

In case of questions contact us Tel: 055227840, E-mail:, Fasebook page.