The COVID-19 pandemic that tormented our planet hit our homeland too. This virus caused not only health but also an economic and social crisis. The tourism sector was one of the first to experience the pandemic blow and suffered huge losses. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved yet and in many countries of the world including the Republic of Armenia the state of emergency and isolation regime still remain. The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides also joins the call to stay at home as people’s physical distance is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible. Of course, it is difficult. It is difficult to be isolated, to be trapped inside four walls especially for our guides. Specialists who are accustomed to traveling by profession, to go from place to place, to be in different parts of Armenia and now in the most active period of the tourist season we have to stay at home suffering huge financial losses. But we clearly understand that this situation is not eternal, that life continues and it MUST continue, and we will still enjoy many many sunny, happy, bright and colorful days TOGETHER. In different countries, people sing from their balconies while we the guides decided to perform on the Internet with our colleagues, friends sharing with you our longing, love and friendship. Even being far from each other we are still together, we care for each other, and we wish that all the people are healthy and for that purpose do stay at home. No pandemics, no crisis can win, as there are will and FRIENDSHIP. Stay healthy, dear friends! We will definitely enjoy together our beloved job. We would like to express our special gratitude to “Ardzagank” band for this forever kind and positive song.
You can watch the video here: