The graduation ceremony of AAPTG ‘s guide training courses took place in the Holiday Inn Express Yerevan Hotel on April 6th.

The results of our courses were summed up during the graduation ceremony. Ruben Hovsepyan who is a member of AAPTG’s executive board and is also in charge of the academic and organisational matters of the courses touched upon the participants’ academic progress calling not to stop at the achievements gained but to deepen the knowledge by means of life long learning and always to work hard in order to become professionals.

“Every time when you receive your tourists, remember one important thing — many of your tourists will accept as absolute truth whatever you say, they will take this information with them and will spread it. Thus you need to acquire deep and accurate knowledge as well as substantial information. The sense of responsibility should always accompany us”, Yasha Solomonyan, the president of the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides mentioned in his speech.

The organizers of the courses, trainers, lecturers as well as cultural figures who directly contributed to the professional formation of future guides were present at the graduation ceremony.

The representatives of partner organizations, particularly “Tourism Armenia” the Association of Incoming Tour Operators and RA State Tourism Committee were also present.

The president of the State Tourism Committee of RA Susanna Safaryan also welcomed the participants wishing them endurance and success. She highlighted the importance of the guide’s role in the development of tourism in Armenia and the contribution of the Association of Professional Tourist Guides to uniting the guides of Armenia and boosting professionalism in the field of tourism in RA.

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates received their certificates.

Author: Katar Taslakyan

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