On the 6th of November the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides, on the initiative of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Economy and Agriculture of Artsakh Republic, organized a small introductory visit for guides, domestic tour operators, as well as young bloggers to explore, study and reveal the sights of Artsakh that are rarely visited or quite undiscovered, but at the same time are as important as the ones included in classic tours.
To say it was impressive means to say nothing. The visit was in late autumn. Words cannot explain how charming the monuments were - hidden in the mystery of gilded forests perched on the slopes of the endless mountains. They were waiting for their visitors. The unmeasurable antiquity of small fossil stars in Astghashen( which at first glance seems to be an ordinary village) testifies that the area was covered with water millions of years ago with rich flora and fauna.
When describing the beauty of another colourful part of Artsakh, Patara, even the richest vocabulary stock is impoverished. One just has to see it, feel it and live ... Hakobavank, with all its majesty and mystery, was immersed in a thick fog at the time of our visit. This is one of the places where you can be by yourself, isolated from the entire world.
One thing is clear: the formation and presentation of information on the tourism attractiveness of Artsakh should be one of the priorities for overcoming the problems of tourism in the post-war and epidemic period, for the restoration and development of the sphere. And every step, even the small ones, can and should be a precedent and stimulus.

Autor: Melanya Hakobyan

Photos by։ Vahagn Grigoryan

Translation in English by: Maneh Haroutyunyan